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Healthy hemp food

About us is a family owned company. Our goal is to let more people know about the amazing qualities of health food from hemp!

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Hemp Protein Powders

Hemp protein contains all the 20 amino acids the human body needs for building healthy cells. It is a vegetable alternative without any preservatives or additives.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein are available in 4 products:

  • Hemp Pro 50 with 50% protein
  • Hemp Pro 70 with 70% protein, water soluble
    (Worlds first)
  • Hemp Protein Vanilla
  • Hemp Protein Chocolate



Recommended use: 2-4 tablespoons per day, more if you train hard.

Hemp Pro 50 Hampaprotein


Pcs: st Hemp Pro 50% 454g €18.90

Hemp Pro 50 in larger package, 2.27 kg!



Pcs: pail of Hemp Pro 50 2,27 kg €69.90






Hemp Pro 70 Hampaprotein

The only water soluble Hemp Protein with 70% protein!

Developed for you who desire more protein in a fully natural product without any additives.

Download more info about Hemp Pro 70 (pdf)

Pcs: Hemp Pro 70% 454g €29.90



ProteinpulverHemp Pro 70 in larger package, 2.27 kg!

pail Hemp Pro 70, 2,27 kg €107.50



Flavoured Hemp Protein

Hemp Protein Vanilla  


Flavoured with organic vanilla

Pcs: Hemp Protein Vanilla 454g €19.50

Hemp Protein Chocolate


Flavoured with organic fair trade dark chocolate.

Pcs: Hemp Protein 454g €19.50

Video: Hemp Nutritional Profile
MaryBeth Augustine, RD,CD
(Turn up the volume, you need to hear this!)

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