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Healthy hemp food

About us is a family owned company. Our goal is to let more people know about the amazing qualities of health food from hemp!

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Health food - not drugs!
Hemp is one of the oldest cultural plants known to man. It has been used throughout milleniums for numerous applications. People used to know the "King of plants" very well, up until the 1930-s, that is.

Levi Strauss made trousers from hemp and called them "jeans", big ships crossed the Atlantic ocean using hemp sails and ropes, and the caravans "going west" in the USA were covered with hemp cloth. The word "canvas" came from the french word for hemp, "chanvre".

In the thirties hemp's potential as a source of both food, paper, fuel and other energy was becoming public knowledge. Henry Ford built a car from hemp and "Popular Mechanics" wrote about hemps potential as a renewable source of raw material.

All this draw the attention of some big american industries who saw their future threatened. They wanted our oil to come from their fossil sources, not from farmers. They wanted our paper to come from their forests, (even though boiling trees is a pretty strange idea). They wanted our clothes to be made from cotton, not hemp who required no chemicals. They found their weapon against hemp in the fact that hemp could also be smoked and used as a drug.

In 90 seconds flat the ban of hemp was decided in the American congress. Soon the rest of the world followed trail without discovering the real reasons behind.

One of the most devestating descisons of mankind was a fact, and we are still living with the vast implications in our enviroment.

The drug problem was real, but it would have been much easier to deal with that instead of banning everything. Developing THC-free hemp earlier would have been easy. Getting rapeseed to be consumable for humans took 20 years since it was much more difficult.

Today we are using fossile fuel at an ever increasing cost. (When Rudolf Diesel introduced the "Diesel"-engine in Paris 1900, he used peanut oil as fuel, not the fossile product we call "diesel". Many inventors in those days where convinced the future of fuels was in vegetable oils).

In estimation, our global enviromental problems are 80% related to our burning of fossile fuels.

Our clothes are made of heavily sprayed cotton. Approx. 50% of agricultural chemicals are used in cotton fields. Some people get allergic reactions from their clothes, wonder why? Hemp can be used for textile just as well and requires no spraying at all.

Our paper-making process includes boiling wood. (Boiling wood!) That process uses a major part of our worlds electric energy. Hemp paper is almost only used in money bills, due to it's extreme durability. Boiling soft hemp and getting a better paper would have saved our planet a lot of headaces and Terawatts.

The eating habits of the western world is known to be a killer. Instead of eating healthy hemp food that lubricates our blood vessels, we eat processed food that clogs them up.

When we have had enough bad fat and cholesterol accumulated in our system, most of us die from heart failure or a stroke.

Drug-free healthy hemp food
The hemp food we sell here at contains 0.00% THC. (THC is the psychoactive substance that is a major ingredient in illegal cannabis.)
The European limit is 0.20%. is working for a sustainable enviroment and healthy eating habits. We recognize the ban of hemp as one of our planets most disatrous descisons. Drugfree industrial hemp is probably the most promising solutions to several major health and enviromental problems.

Health, technology, enviroment and economy can be in harmony!

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Healthy hemp food
Great taste, great health.

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